Plate Heat Exchangers

As a Plate Heat Exchanger Service Repair Specialist, Chevon possesses the high level of expertise and experience required to effectively recondition and service Plate Heat Exchangers.


Our service and repair facility is staffed by skilled specialists and is fully equipped to provide you with unparalleled levels of service.


A carefully planned and thoroughly enforced system is put in place to achieve quality work and deliver customer satisfaction, consistently.


Plates and gaskets are analyzed to determine if servicing or replacement is necessary. We currently keep stock of approximately half a million dollars worth of common model gaskets of Major Makers e.g. Alfa Laval, APV, Tranter, SWEP, Hisaka, GEA, etc. Our efficient global network enables us to get reconditioned plates and new gaskets with minimal lead time. In addition, we can even supply new Plate Heat Exchangers according to required operating specifications in the shortest possible delivery lead time.


Our Services and Competencies:

  • Removal & Refitting of either just plates or entire unit onboard vessel.
  • Gaskets are thoroughly removed using the most effective means.
  • Plates are pre-washed, then degreased, de-scaled and cleansed in heated, turbulated (bubble-agitated) baths of cleaning and treatment liquids.
  • 100% dye penetrant test & UV Check for cracks, pinholes or material failure.
  • Plates are high-pressure washed and rinsed, and dried in a special oven.
  • Plates are re-gasketted & oven-cured with high quality gaskets using special adhesives and cured in a purpose-built oven.
  • Supply of Gaskets eg. Alfa Laval, APV, Tranter, SWEP, Hisaka, and GEA etc.
  • Supply of Reconditioned Plates Alfa Laval, APV, Tranter, SWEP, Hisaka, and GEA etc.
  • Riding Crew for onboard troubleshooting of leaking Plate Heat Exchangers eg. Main Engine Lub Oil Cooler, Central Freshwater Coolers.
  • Supply of complete new Plate Heat Exchangers.

Plate Heat Exchangers
Plate Heat Exchangers Repair

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